Sunday, 12 May 2013

Introduction to the EVO VAPORIZER

The Evo Vaporizer is a vaporizer which is most often used as a quitting aid for smokers.  However the experience of inhaling vapor is so good that many simply enjoy using a vaporizer for the experience.  

The Evo Vaporizer is made of two components, a battery and an attachment called the Clearomizer.  The battery supplies the energy required to turn e-liquid in to vapor, this liquid is placed in the clearomizer.  

The Evo Vaporizer is a popular choice for many due to it's reliability and battery life.  For instance, for a very heavy smoker, the average Evo Vaporizer will last for over 6 - 8 weeks of continued use.  After this period of time, either the battery or the clearomizer will require replacing.  This may sound like a short time period, but if we look at the alternatives, it soon becomes clear as to why the Evo Vaporizer is so popular.  

The average electronic cigarette bought at convenient stores and shopping centers last for around 2 days before the battery fades.  Even the rechargeable electronic cigarette kits fail to produce satisfactory vapor conditions.  The reason for this is because of the batteries they use.  They are too small and poorly made.  It's a a complete waste of money.  Most people who use Vaporizers understand this and that's why they choose products such as the Evo Vaporizer as their alternative.  You can also fill vaporizers with your own choice of e-liquids and the flavors available are growing each year.  From blueberry, chocolate, menthol, spearmint.....the list is endless.  You can now understand why vaporizers are becoming such a popular choice, put simply, it's a very enjoyable experience.

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  1. The Evo Vaporizer is a popular choice for many due to it's reliability and battery life.
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